Monday, May 18, 2015

Belmore Falls

Belmore falls (Map) is located on the southern highlands, a short drive from Robertson and the World Famous Robertson Pie Shop and well worth time and effort to explore Belmore and its many waterfalls. All these tracks are not serviced by Parks and Wildlife and aren't easy walking , use extreme care if you choose to do theses walks.

Horse Shoe Falls

Driving along the Belmore Falls Road from Robertson once your in the bush and the dirt road starts , you'll drive past a turn to the left called Wallaby Hill Road, just past this turn on your right is a very small track a little over grown and rough but you can get a car in there and there is a small car park. We parked the car in the car park and started a trek down the track or old washed away road.

The trek it's self is about 1 kilometer 20 minute easy walk, at the bottom is a creek that can be crossed but at this point you need to make a left turn and follow the sound of the rushing water. I have heard these falls referred to as Horse Shoe falls due to it shape.

The Secret track to the bottom of Belmore Falls 
(warning this track is closed and very over grown with some landslides and fallen trees)

Once you finish there jump back into the car and make a right turn onto Belmore Falls Road and drive to the next turn on the left and drive to the small picnic area. You can park you car here and head off past both picnic tables there is a bit of a track to the fence. Once you reach the fence you will need to jump it and look for the steps off to the left which will soon lead you back to the right and the stone steps at the start of the track.

Once you find these steps its pretty easy to follow the track if you have good bush sense.We made it to the bottom in 30 minute, but we took our time and took some photos on the way down.

The sounds of rushing water killed the sounds of the surrounding rainforest as we look at this majestic waterfall in a different perspective. We took some photographs and just enjoyed the scenery for awhile before our trek back to the top to the car park at the picnic area, which took 45 minutes and again we stopped and took photos along the way.

The Unnamed Falls

 Back in the car and carry along the one way road , which has a few lookouts of the falls on the left. At the end of the road turn left and follow the road looking for a small car park on the right, park your car here and follow the track (be careful on this track its easy to get lost). You will come to a creek cross it and from here you can go left and follow the creek or take a track up the small hill and off to the left (I recommend this way).

This is a beautiful quiet place with a waterfall you can walk behind , we loved the peace and sounds of nature.

The Unnamed Falls 2

Once you on the road again you'll cross Barren Garry Creek causeway and keep following the road towards Wildes Meadow until you spot a small bridge. We parked the car and went down the creek to the left and followed it for around 1 km until we spotted the last waterfall of the day.


  1. Hello thank you so very much for your piece of insight into the specifics on the base of the falls. I am looking to do night trek out the very soon. Is there a way I might be able to contact you regarding the topography? My email is

    Warmest Regards,


  2. Thanks for the detailed information, we found it was really handy in finding our way - on our way back we met two tourists in the carpark that desperately asked if we knew the way as they'd been searching for TWO HOURS for the right part of the fence to leap, they'd obviously note seen your blog.

    Sadly due to increased press Belmore Falls is now a backpacker-tourist hike..... while I was there on Saturday 19 November there were a dozen or so millennials looking more for a perfect selfie rather than appreciating the falls, one even blasting his "music" via bluetooth speakers.

    That said it was well worth the journey, the water is cool enough to make your body numb in seconds. I'd happily visit again if it were mid-week in the hope we had the location to ourselves just for a few minutes