Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Historical Ghost Town of Joadja

The ghost town of Joadja is located in the Southern Highlands of NSW Australia, its has always been and always will be a privately owned town. The town was established in 1870 after a mining company started to mine for oil shale, and in the early 1900 the town slowly became a ghost town and left to decay.

These days the owner of Joadja opens the gates for guided tours a few selected weekends a year with a morning and afternoon tours at 11am and again at 2pm and tours last about 80 minutes. The tour is conducted with people movers, which is a trailer or two towed behind a 4wd with a commentary and plenty of information along the way and a few chances to get out and explore and get a few photos of this historical town. 

The tour wraps up with a tour of the Joadja Distillery and a chance to taste the beer. There is a cafe for snacks or a meal before or after a tour.

Joadja Tours and Distillery web site Here

How to get to Joadja Here


34°24'15.3"S 150°13'40.3"E

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