Thursday, April 16, 2015


Bundanoon (Map) is on the Southern Highlands, we by-passed the township and made our way to Morten National Park and parked the car in the picnic area which gas BBQ's, picnic tables and most important of all toilets. Maps of all the walking tracks are displayed on a big sign board, the daily fee here is $7 which had to be paid by using change.

Erith Coal Mine Track

This walk was a 2km track it was classed as a medium grade, the first part of track was easy walk on gravel road with sign posts along the way giving information on flora and fauna, further along we came across some sandstone steps and some gravel steeps which were very easy to navigate. With-in a few steps you leave the woodlands and step into the rainforest and a few sets of steep metal steps.

Once we reached the top of the water fall there is few slippy sandstone steps and a small creek to cross then a steep set of steel stair to climb down, which could be a little daunting for some. On the climb down we were excited and in awe of the beauty of the rainforest and the waterfall.

We spent about an hour here admiring the waterfall and exploring and taking pictures off the coal mines.

The coal mines started operating in 1860 to 1915 which was a meter thick seam of poor quality coal.We headed back up to the top of the waterfall and opted to take the steps along the fence to a fire trail which looped back up to the main road back to car park.

Grand Canyon

We drove the car the the next car park, and decided to have our lunch while enjoying the majestic view of the Grand Canyon

Next to the only picnic table is 2 short walks Gambells Lookout (70 meters) which is the same view as from the lookout above and Fern Glen Walk (210 meters) which is a short walk through a beautiful fern gully.

Fairy Bowen Track

Fairy Bowen track was broken down into 2 walks one being a longer walk. We decided to do the short walk of 1.5 hours return. The fire trail down was short and easy till we made it to the steep stairs, hand rails were needed for support in places

At the bottom we where greated by a lush rainforest and walking to the end of this track there were beautiful small waterfalls along the way then running off the cliff, the view here was amazing.

The hike back up the hill wasn't as bad as we thought and Andy discovered a stone head and had to climb in for a photo.

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